Do Your Research Before Teaching in Korea

8 May

I’ve received hundreds of questions about teaching in South Korea over the past two years. And while I’m excited that there’s a strong base of people interested in going abroad to teach, I’m a little concerned about the types of questions I have been receiving about teaching abroad.

Most people have been asking me the same questions:

  • What documents do I need for my visa?
  • How much can I expect to make/is it enough to live on?
  • Do I need a TESOL?
  • What do I need to bring from the USA?

These are all very important questions to ask before moving to South Korea, and every prospective teacher should be an expert on the answers before going over. The problem is these questions have been answered over and over again, and a quick Google search will reveal the answers. I usually don’t mind answering these things, but that people are asking me without doing their own research tells me that they’re not ready to do their own groundwork before coming over to Korea.

Before I taught abroad, I scoured the Internet for all the information I could get about teaching in Korea. And it took me all of 1 hour of Googling to learn the basics of what I needed to do learn before coming over.

I think a lot of people who ask me questions want me to do their research for them. I don’t do that. But I do answer tougher questions that come up after people have done their research. And usually, in those cases, I’m not too much of a resource as I just answer from my own personal experience.

Again, I would encourage all prospective teachers do to their own research before coming. Recruiters and Dave’s ESL message board are two great resources, although checking other websites such as the US State Department’s travel site.


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