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Video 23 Mar


My First day of ESL in Korea

18 Mar

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this ESL thing for six months now. It’s transformed itself from something I do for money to a legitimate job. I go home thinking about ESL, I wake up thinking about ESL and I spend most of my day doing ESL. I’ve made vast improvements in terms of my teaching style over the course of the past couple of months, and I think that within the next six months, I can make the transition to a teacher who is actually decent at his job.

Thinking back to my first days of teaching ESL is pretty nostalgic for me. That feeling was actually surprising because time has flown by so quick that I half expected that those memories were just like my memories of yesterday. But truth is that I’ve grown as an ESL teacher since that time. I understand how to make my students do things while conveying compassion and understanding to them. Some of them do drive me crazy, but at the end of the day, I’m happy with the work that I do.

I have to say that recording this video was a unique experience for me. As I recounted the experiences, it felt like a virtual walk down memory lane. In my mind, I was reliving the experience of being instantly immersed into the world of teaching. I think that whenever I hear the phrase “hit the ground running,” this will be what I remember.

Happy Friday everyone!

Spaghetti and Cheese sticks

17 Mar

I love cooking, but lately I’ve been far too lazy to do any of that. Ever since I made the barbecue video, I’ve done no cooking whatsoever, mostly because I have no energy. Back when I first got here, I would have just sucked it up and made some instant rice or noodles. But about three months ago, I started visiting a little place next to my apartment called “Tom’s Pizza.” The restaurant is billed as a pizza venue, but they have all sorts of dishes, including two or three types of spaghetti.

I feel as if I cannot emphasize enough how close this place is to my apartment… so I decided to make a video about it. Check it out:

Anyway, I just want to say that life is getting a lot easier in the land of the morning calm. I know how to take care of my day-to-day functions a lot better than I used to, such as taking out the trash, recycling and keeping my fridge stocked with food. Finding a huge department store nearby has been a bit of a hassle though. All the ones I know of are a subway ride or further away.

Korean BBQ: A tutorial by a foreigner

15 Mar


Hopefully, the title zaps any sort of creditability the author might bestow upon itself.

My friends have been teaching me the art of  cooking Korean BBQ at home. It’s an extremely useful skill for a guy living by himself in Seoul who is sick of going out to eat every night. The process of doing a Korean BBQ is simple in itself. I think the major difference is that this sort of BBQ is meant to be enjoyed with a lot of friends and a fair amount of booze.

Two other bits of news. First, as the blog pic (and hopefully my video) indicates, I got a new camera. W00t! I’m working on uploading a video in 720 HDMI, but we’ll see if that actually works or not.

Second, the video Hanafubuki favorited has reached more than 100 views. That’s a personal milestone for me. Check her vids and her tweets out. (Channel, twitter account:

Happy Tuesday everyone! Check out my video and don’t be afraid to subscribe!

House Cleaning

15 Mar

Now that I’m vlogging more often, I’ve been getting the urge to maintain a blog that coincides with my vlogging activities. And since I already had this blog, I decided to do a bit of housecleaning. There was a bit of drama that occurred on this blog between myself and another blogger. The offending post has been removed. I stand by what I said, but the contents of that blog are irrelevant to the rest of the site.

I would have loved to attach a video to today’s post, but my internet has been slow. This was frustrating because I made major changes to the way I approach video and I was excited to share them with everyone, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’d announce those changes here… but I don’t want to give away anything.

Tomorrow’s a Monday… that means the start of another (work) week. Is there anyone who wakes up on a Monday morning excited to go to work on a regular basis?

And shoutout to Hanafubuki who favorited my laptop tour video. Check out her channel!


4 Jan

1. Happy New Year! Make 2010 special.

2. Remember that last video where I was talking about being sick? Turns out I had mono(nucleosis). I was sick for the rest of the month! And I have no idea how I got it.

3. I’ve decided that I don’t want to teach in Korea next year. As much as I enjoy this country (despite having a few less than positive experiences with some of the older locals this winter), I don’t enjoy studying the language and I don’t enjoy my time here as much as I did in the US. Besides, another language has been calling my name for far too long…

I was sick when I made this, hence the crazy camera angles and the cuts that don’t flow (and the scene of me in a shower). Not my best video.

Sick in Seoul

12 Dec

Hey everyone,

I’m sick. I’ve been sick for two weeks. Life pretty much sucks right now.

But thankfully (according to my boss and not me) I’m not contagious, so I’m fine to keep coming into work. Isn’t that a relief?

I’m just glad that I got sick in a huge city like Seoul and not a small town in the middle of Korea. Seoul has a couple of international clinics, such as the one at Yonsei Severance. Yonsei nice for guys like me because everyone speaks English pretty well (a blessing for me because my Korean is still at a beginner’s level), the doctors are really nice and they seem to know what they’re doing.

The other thing that’s nice about the hospital is that it’s cheap for people on the national health care plan. Cheap as in 18,000 Won. (Without insurance, my visit would have been about 50,000 Won. Compared to the US, that ain’t so bad, but it’s still about 3x what you pay with insurance.)

Turns out I have some sort of bacterial infection, and the prescription my doctor wrote should take it away by today.

Anyway, staying at home caused me to develop a bit of cabin fever. So I made this nice little video to reassure my family that I was still alive. It features the nice gap between my two front teeth. Enjoy.